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Can paragogy help technology production?

How can the emergent theory and practice of paragogy help the product development process?

Testing plugin for WordPress

See this post

Web-based Mindmapping

Until now, mind-mapping has been one of the key aspects of information-management that has not been well-supported on the web. Granted, Freemind has been platform-neutral since the beginning (through its use of Java), and somewhat-integrated with WikkaWiki, but this still very much relies on an individual providing their own server-based architecture. Other tools such as [...]

Collaborative Note-taking

Steph Booth gives a really clear explanation of Taking Collaborative Notes at BlogTalk [via Chocolate and Vodka]

Dream weblog / wiki tool

Lilia Efimova is writing about her dream weblog / wiki tool...

Collaboration Pattern: Lightning Conductor

First draft collaboration pattern extracted from Sam Ruby's experience with the !Echo wiki

Wiki Lessons Learned

Summarising Sam Ruby's slides about the !Echo wiki experience from ETCon. I think he may have spotted some candidate collaboration patterns...

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