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Business Capability Modelling

Summarising a couple of articles on Business Capability Modelling in Architecture & Governance Magazine

The Architecture of Personal Knowledge Management – 1

Back in July Harold Jarche posted a useful deconstruction of the processes involved in web-based personal knowledge management (PKM). Building on this, and in order to make a lot of implicit stuff in my head explicit, I've started developing the model into a full mapping of processes to tools.

How simple is “simple enough”?

Or “Simplifying an ‘architecture framework’ for agile strategy” How often have you faced the situation where you need to get something done, and you know there’s all sorts of advice and guidance available, but you only have a limited time to implement something? My current challenge is to relatively rapidly put together some strategic roadmaps [...]

A Simplified Approach to Enterprise Architecture

Rule 1 - don't use the phrase "Enterprise Architecture"if you can show someone a picture instead!

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