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Can paragogy help technology production?

How can the emergent theory and practice of paragogy help the product development process?

The Social Origin Of Good Ideas (again)

I finally get around to reading the Burt paper on the Social Origin of Good Ideas.

How blog and wiki fit together (for me)

The roles of a personal wiki and a blog in combination

Mental models and the ladder of inference

The Ladder of Influence - exploring mental models in a group

Patterns for Change

Patterns for introducing ideas into organisations.

Seven Survival Tips for Knowledge Managers

Dave Pollard offers Seven Survival Tips for Knowledge Managers

Learning Organisations and Constraints pt 6

Extending the Current Reality Tree to address clarity reservations...

Learning Organisations and Constraints

While the wiki is offline, here is the first part of the CRT I’m building from the Argyris book

Learning Organisations and Constraints – more

Set up a new section on my Wiki for the discussion and development of thoughts around the overlap betwen Chris Argyris's work and Theory of Constraints. Using a drawing tool plugin for the wiki software to aid visual thinking and noting...

Learning Organisations and TOC pt 3

Continuing to work through Overcoming Organizational Defenses to find links with the TOC approach I extract some key UDEs from Chapter 1 of the book and note in passing the similarities of this technique to cognitive mapping.

Learning Organisations and TOC pt 2

Finding more links between TOC and Argyris's observations on organisational defences.

Theory-in-Use meets Neuro-Semantics

Link to article combining Argyris' "Theory in Use" ideas with Neuro-Semantic coaching approach

Invisible dogma and learning organisations

Wondering how to combine the Theory of Constraints approach and Thinking Tools with the insights into organisational defense routines from Action Science in order to specify better technology solutions for businesses.

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