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Can paragogy help technology production?

How can the emergent theory and practice of paragogy help the product development process?

More about conversations and processes

I’ve a hunch that the conceptual models discussed in  Jeremy Aarons’ new paper, (as I summarised here) could be a useful lever for unpicking the dilemma I found when I wrote that I prefer conversation, but you need process. In that post I was drawing on conversations with (amongst others) Earl, Taka, Jon  and Ton about the apparent [...]

Credit Where It’s Due

Inside Knowledge has a great article on the work my friend and colleague Euan Semple has been getting up to. He introduced me to blogging, so I’m really pleased to see him getting the sort of profile he deserves.

The Social Origin Of Good Ideas (again)

I finally get around to reading the Burt paper on the Social Origin of Good Ideas.

A Travel Guide To Collaboration

Great article on the why of business collaboration from [via Tris Hussey]

Blogwalk IV – developing the work

Suw Charman's done a great job of capturing the 11 core themes from the Blogwalk "Window Wiki". As people reflect on the event there is discussion about how to best develop the ideas from this session and how to ensure better learning next time.

BlogWalk IV : IntraBliki

The theme of Blogwalk IV was the use of social software inside the firewall. We noted that there were certain technological barriers to be overcome before the tools were sufficiently invisible to support a wide acceptance of corporate blogging / wiki etc. I agreed to start some work to define the requirements of the ideal internal corporate blog / wiki tool so I've started writing some initial user requirements in the wiki. The root of the notes is at IntraBliki, please join in if you are interested.

Blogwalk IV

Had a fantastic day at Blogwalk IV - more posts to follow over the next few days.

Coase’s Penguin

Link to, and extract from "Coase’s Penguin, or, Linux and The Nature of the Firm"

The Power of Difference

SynapShots cites Everyday Leaders: The Power of Difference by Debra Meyerson “Nearly everyone feels at odds with the organizations they work for at one time or another. Managers who are also parents struggle to succeed — and be there for their families — in companies that don’t offer flextime. Women and people of color want [...]

Quantum Theory of Trust

Professor Karen Stephenson's theory

More on Network Organisations

Paolo Valdemarin flags two links on network organisations. The first is one I blogged back in April. The second – – is partly an advert for some software and services from Valdis Krebs, but has lots of links to case studies. If you follow the one about Paul Erdõs you will also find a [...]

P2P Organisations

Paolo Valdemarin writes: “In the last few months I have met (most of times virtually) some very smart people from all parts of the world I would like to work with: to start new projects, to create new technologies, to develop new solutions. But when I think about how this could work out, I keep [...]

Company of Friends..again…

Unusually, the London cell had an event only a week after the previous one. This time we were treated to two hours of Adrian Gilpin talking about the basics of his “Soulpower” approach to developing people’s full potential. Adrian makes no bones about the fact that his approach is derived from a wide range of [...]

The Company of Friends

Last night went (for the first time) to a meeting of the London “cell” of FastCompany‘s Company of Friends. The meeting was attended by about 40 and was organised around a workshop on “Storytelling In Business” led by Tony Quinlan from Narrate Consulting. Excellent evening, both for the workshop and the networking / conversations before [...]

Some Knowledge Management posts

[All via Steven Vore] Jon Udell on Quick and Dirty Topic Mapping “The essence of this strategy is to work bottom-up, rather than top-down. I don’t start with a predefined set of topics. Rather, I allow them to emerge from the material as I work my way through it. I don’t try to create a [...]

Organisational Storytelling

Interesting new book on the horizon (only in draft at present) – The Narrative Angle – The Seven Most Valuable Forms of Organizational Storytelling. Preview. The author, Steve Denning is former director of knowledge management at the world bank. The Seven Highest-value Forms of Organizational storytelling: Story to ignite transformational action Storytelling to grow community [...]

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