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Blending Pomodoro and GTD

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been using variants of the Getting Things Done (GTD) technique for a few years, and I find it’s a safe haven when work is turbulent. The simple rules of the GTD workflow help create forward motion on the most overwhelming of days. As I posted recently, after many attempts at finding [...]

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Why I like Nozbe for Getting Things Done

The boundaries of GTD

Ton Zijlstra has some provoking thoughts about the limitations of GTD-like systems :Ton’s Interdependent Thoughts: Thoughts on GTD System Weaknesses In short, Ton highlights the increasing need to apply qualitative (and often social- and/or network-based) approaches to filter the info-glut before you can start putting actions into a GTD-like process. I think he’s spot on, [...]

Web-based Mindmapping

Until now, mind-mapping has been one of the key aspects of information-management that has not been well-supported on the web. Granted, Freemind has been platform-neutral since the beginning (through its use of Java), and somewhat-integrated with WikkaWiki, but this still very much relies on an individual providing their own server-based architecture. Other tools such as [...]

Getting Things Done with Mindmanager, ResultsManager, GyroQ, and now MindReader

I’ve used Mindmanager as my core information-management tool at work for several years. For the last few months I have also been using it as the underlying support for my “GTD-like” personal productivity processes, augmented with the excellent ResultsManager add-in from Gyronix. ResultsManager is very powerful, I particularly like the way it allows me to [...]

Mindmapping Software Survey

Nick Duffill points to Chuck Frey‘s report on his survey of mind-mapping tool use. Chuck sums up the issues preventing wider take-up of this sort of software: These responses seemed to be concentrated around a few specific issues: Lack of time to promote the use of mind mapping software to managers and coworkers, lack of [...]

Qumana re-visited

Having mentioned Qumana in a recent post, the ever-vigilant Qumana team picked up on my comment and asked if I’d look again at the tool. As I promised, here is a note of my re-visit. In the spirit of the thing, this post is written using the tool (3.0.0-b2 Beta). The two things that put [...]

A new tool: Awasu

Via Earl Mardle I’ve found a new tool to add to my personal knowledge management toolkit: Awasu Although the core of the product is an aggregator, it’s a lot more than that as it offers a number of ways of inter-acting with the flow of information through the tool, both manually and in various automated [...]

The tools I use fall into two camps…

…browser-based and thick-client. I’ve been coming back to the use of a wiki in the work environment, again with project teams, for rapid development of specifications and management of action lists. Two things that struck me, after spending a large chunk of the working day creating and editing stuff in a group of browser tabs. [...]

Update on Getting Things Done

Update on Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

My experiences implementing David Allen's Getting Things Done method.

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