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Happy (belated) Tenth Birthday

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birthday cake

This blog turned ten years old a couple of weeks ago.

Looking back at how I used to blog back then I see that it was mostly comment on current events.

My first post was about a book – How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker. I think I still have that book somewhere, although it may have been one of the many that I parted company with during the course of four house moves since that time. Of course, if I really wanted, I could buy it again, and start reading it within minutes thanks to the wonders of pervasive internet retailing and e-books.

In the intervening years there have been several lean periods, where the only posts have been automated linklogs from delicious – as far as I can see I started doing that in January 2004, so the basics of lifestreaming are pretty old now!

I started on Moveable Type, but migrated to WordPress in May 2004

These days most content here is aggregated from other sources: links I have captured, comments on other blogs, tweets I have made; but I still think there is a place for the personal site, often with blog-like features. The role of a site like this is still, I think, to be a personal hub, reflecting the flow of online engagement, learning and co-creation.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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Broken feed fixed

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It appears my RSS feed has been broken since March. This was due to a missing file on the site which has now been replaced, all should work correctly now. Apologies for the break in service :-)

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It’s just embarrassing…

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Blog posting flow chart

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…the length of time since I left this blog fallow.

It’s not as if I am not doing interesting things, far from it, I am busier than ever at work, involved in the many things that a head of IT has to get involved with in a small/medium organisation with a significant focus on web engagement and rich information-based analysis.

But that’s the problem – I am very busy doing stuff which can’t really be blogged, and I haven’t been making the time to reflect on what I am learning to the degree that can be abstracted and anonymised into a public blog post.

So this post is a reminder for me, a call to action about the things that I should be finding a bit of room for.

To try and get myself into the groove, I’ve started re-visiting some good posts from others about the writing habit – these from Chris Brogan are a great start.

Dangling Threads

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I realise I have left a couple of threads dangling for a few weeks, in particular the Lean Programme Shaping and Architecture of Personal Knowledge Management.

Spools of vintage thread: greens
Image by litlnemo via Flickr

I do, though, have a great excuse – I’m just coming to end of my second week in an exciting new role, and all my spare “processor cycles” have been consumed in getting up to speed. I hope to revisit both topics in due course.

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Another blog

One of the reasons I’ve been quiet in this blog has been that I have started another blog specifically focused on Managing Successful Programmes.

When I set that blog up, I was planning on attending a training course in June on Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), leading (hopefully) to the practitioner certificatation. MSP is the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC) approach to ensuring the success of major change programmes.

I’ve set up the other site as an online learning diary, and a central place for various notes. To support the blog there is also a wiki for more long-form notes.
Unfortunately the course I was attending has been withdrawn for June by the provider. Looks like I shall now go in October. Inevitably my motivation to go through the pre-work has been somewhat reduced, however I shall continue to post over there – I’m finding lots of ways to introduce key elements of the MSP approach into day-to-day work.

This should also mean that I have a little more online time to keep this place up-to-date!

A new tool: Awasu

Via Earl Mardle I’ve found a new tool to add to my personal knowledge management toolkit: Awasu

Although the core of the product is an aggregator, it’s a lot more than that as it offers a number of ways of inter-acting with the flow of information through the tool, both manually and in various automated ways. It also offers the facility to add “channel hooks” – plugins which carry out specific actions on selected channels.

Having installed the product, I must admit the first learning hurdle was to get used to a thick-client aggregator rather than my normal approach with Bloglines.

The next challenge was finding an easy way to blog using the tool. Although Earl recommends a workflow using Qumana, I’m not sure that’s the right one for me. I think that reticence is a little about Qumana: I’ve tried the tool before, in its earlier days and didn’t stick with it, so maybe I am transferring that to the latest version. Also, Earl’s proposed method involves using the Workpads and Reports in Awasu – functionality that I have played with, but not yet got to grips with fully. There have been a couple of funnies which might be bugs or might be configuration problems.

I shall keep experimenting with different methods of using the tool and integrating it into my work, and may well come back to the approach earl suggests. In the interim I have taken advantage of the easily-configurable User Tools menu in Awasu to call up the normal WordPress posting page for this blog within the Awasu main window, pre-populated with key content from the source page.

Credit Where It’s Due

Inside Knowledge has a great article on the work my friend and colleague Euan Semple has been getting up to. He introduced me to blogging, so I’m really pleased to see him getting the sort of profile he deserves.

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