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Getting Things Done (GTD)

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063/365 - getting-things-done thursday
Image by jypsygen via Flickr

I’ve been using variants of the Getting Things Done (GTD) technique for a few years, and I find it’s a safe haven when work is turbulent. The simple rules of the GTD workflow help create forward motion on the most overwhelming of days.

My invaluable assistant in this is Nozbe – Michael Sliwinski and his team have put together a highly-functional product that I couldn’t work without. It’s by far the most effective GTD tool I have used, and I urge you to try it. (Disclosure – that hyperlink has an affiliate code).

The killer features for me are:

  • easy task creation from a set of bullet points in an email – great for those post-meeting brain dumps!
  • complete integration between the web and the iPhone app
  • Evernote integration for project notes, again with an easy email interface for capturing things
  • the attitude Michael and his team have to support!

How do you Get Things Done?

Comments please!

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