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Links for 2012-02-07

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Links roundup for 2008-03-09

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The Life Of The Mind

This is well worth reading:

[…] The Life of the Mind is not professorship, not building a long curriculum vita, it’s not being a talking head with a big wizardy beard and a floppy hat on Discovery Channel. It’s the cultivated ability to span boundaries, cross borders of disciplines, bring what you’ve learned over there to bear over here, where they haven’t seen the connection.The Life of the Mind is merely acting on the belief that what we see around us fits together. That everything is, in some context, of use. […]

Bill Tozier, There are exactly two ways: one, and many [via Dave Pollard]

Links Roundup for 2007-09-14

Shared bookmarks for user Synesthesia on 2007-09-14

The freedom to think

When I wrote this article I started from a belief that by combining Denham’s thoughts with my earlier post I had seen a new aspect of the possibilities for knowledge aggregation and filtering.

Then I read the background links that led to this addition, added in a spirit of “Oh, perhaps it wasn’t that original after all, I’d better acknowledge this other work”. In other words some of the glow of achievement I felt about spotting the earlier idea had been tarnished.

Today via Phil Jones’ wiki I found this David Weinberger post from a few years ago which has restored some of the good feelings – others may have had a similar idea before but that doesn’t reduce the value to me of the new-to-me thought.

Getting to grips with “Freedom Evolves”

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I’ve started reading [bliki]Freedom Evolves[/bliki] again – I’ve had the book on my shelf for a few months but had found it difficult to stick with before. I’ve noticed that one of the ways that I stop myself from finishing “stretching” books (even though I want to learn the contents) is by failing to take notes – I’m going to try to address that by using the Oddments space.

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